Posted by: Loran Blood | September 12, 2013

Homosexual Marriage — Portentious Implications

An excellent article from the leading conservative think-tank on just why homosexual marriage is a major front in the culture wars and why one would be fooling oneself to think that it isn’t:

Key Points from the essay:

1.  Conflicts between same-sex marriage and religious freedom will often involve some type of previously adopted nondiscrimination law or policy.

2.  Nondiscrimination laws can impose burdens on religious freedom even in jurisdictions that do not legally recognize homosexual unions as marriages.

3.  Neither of these points, however, diminishes the threat that same-sex marriage poses to religious freedom.

4.  Same-sex marriage is likely to trigger a number of conflicts between nondiscrimination laws and religious freedom that otherwise would not exist.

5.  Further, threats to religious freedom are no less troubling because they involve nondiscrimination laws and same-sex marriage, not just same-sex marriage.

6.  Lawmakers should revisit nondiscrimination laws to make sure that they adequately protect religious and moral conscience even after dramatic legal changes such as same-sex marriage.

7.  Failure to update nondiscrimination laws in jurisdictions with same-sex marriage provides an additional ground for proponents of religious freedom to oppose the expansion of nondiscrimination laws in the future.


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