An Apology Revisted

An Apology Reloaded.

First, the original:

And below, the restored version taken from ancient Egyptian Papyri:

Dear “Queer” Mormons, We are So So Sorry.

We realize that it is not within our stewardship to support, affirm, or encourage you in your transgressions of God’s holy commandments, the destruction of your souls, and in your eventual eternal separation from God and Jesus Christ. We love you and care for you far too much to do that. To paraphrase Spencer W. Kimball, we are far too kind to be that cruel.

Our testimony of and commitment to the gospel is alive inside each of us; it dwells in our hearts and informs our choices every day, on every issue, and upon the most critical questions of existence. The gospel is our home, the church is our family, and we love all our brothers and sisters who perceive themselves as same-sex attracted.

We do not and cannot apologize for the church or our leaders, as that is neither our place nor do we have any desire to do so, for the Brethren are the living oracles, prophets, seers, revelators and special witnesses of Christ in our day, and the divinely authorized and controlled mantel of authority to receive revelation for the church and the world, identifying the mind and will of the Lord for his Children, is theirs, not ours.

We are so sorry that you sometimes don’t feel welcome at church because of feelings, behaviors, and lifestyles that are out of harmony with the Spirit and with church teachings.

We are sorry that some are teaching you that there is nothing wrong, sinful, or spiritually destructive about what you do, how you rationalize your behavior, or the self-identity you have chosen, even if the feelings and perceptions to which you are susceptible were never a choice in and of themselves.

We are sorry for the pain and rejection you may have felt from family and friends who sometimes react inappropriately when loved ones wander away from the iron rod into the wilderness, where they may be lost, but also sorry for the pain and anguish your “coming out” caused them, especially when contemplating the eternal consequences if your feelings and desires are not controlled, channeled, and disciplined through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

We are sorry for all the practices, beliefs, and institutions in the World that affirm, accept, rationalize, and relativize your behavior and lifestyles, and that impugn, mock, and marginalize the church and its teachings, which is your only hope for a successful mortal probation.

And we are so sorry for the times when we didn’t speak up, sometimes with sharpness, but always followed by a renewal of love, warmth, and compassion, and enabled you, and watched you silently as Satan wrapped you carefully in his great chain.

Dear “Queer” Mormon family:

We believe you are worthy of love and belonging

We believe that you must “putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord,” and become all your Heavenly Father created you to be.

We believe our Heavenly Father wants you to experience love and intimacy, and have families of your own grounded upon the eternal principles of the plan of salvation, the law of chastity, and the principle and promise of marriage for time and all eternity.

We believe the church is a safe haven, where you will feel loved and welcomed to come unto Christ as you keep his commandments, deny your self of all ungodliness, and endure to the end.
We know these are not the messages you have received from the pop culture, the media, Hollywood, public education, academia, and from progressive/NOM Mormons within the church who want you to believe that keeping certain commandments and covenants are optional, superfluous, or unnecessary.

And for that, we are so, so sorry.