Posted by: Loran Blood | April 13, 2015

We Were Homophobes Once…and Young

Let’s take, as Latter-day Saints and as thinking, intellectually mature adults, a clear, lucid, unsparing, and substantive look at where we stand and where we’re going as a people, socioculturally.  The issue of import here is homosexual marriage and “LGBTQ” rights (special privileges/exemptions granted to the members of specified identity groups), and to call this a “cause celeb” would be to make me guilty of felonious understatement.

Homosexuality, not alone, but preeminent among a body of sexual philias and predilections that have been among mankind since the very beginning, has risen from a known but always obscure (both because of the “closeted” nature of many homosexuals before the seventies and because of its vanishingly small prevalence within the general population), outré sexual practice to a social, cultural, and political obsession bathed in the purifying waters of moral relativism and the language of “rights.” But moral relativism is only relative when it is, and highly plastic when ideology and agendas demand doctrinal purity.

The dogma of value relativism demands, in the same breath, absolute obeisance to an inflexible doctrine of moral absolutism in the name of ideals such as “tolerance,” “inclusiveness,” and of moral relativism itself, which is, after all, a doctrine of an absolute moral absolute which states that their are no moral absolutes.

In so doing, it makes a fundamental claim about the nature of the moral, and hence, is both a theory of the moral while at the same time asserting an essentially amoral human world. The problem that now faces us, as Latter-day Saints, intellectually and spiritually engaged, as we have been counseled to be for generations by the General Authorities of the Church, in the political, social, and cultural worlds around us (while remaining, as we must, not of that world), is not “homophobia” but, arguably, what could be termed homomania.

Homomainia is a major feature of the original sexual revolution in which sex, sexuality, having sex, thinking about having sex, and the coupling rituals of the singles bar became an overarching preoccupation within Western and American civilization.  Homomania, as over against what we will call homophilia, which not only represents the psychology and culture of homosexuality itself, but a vetting, supporting, and defending of that lifestyle and culture by countless people outside that culture, connotes the sheer degree of cultural and political saturation this movement has achieved in just twenty years or so (the “gay liberation” movement, which had and would never have had anything to do with gay marriage, began in earnest in the early seventies (and especially after the legendary Stonewall riots), but the gay marriage and cultural legitimation movement, in its present form dates roughly from the middle nineties) Virtually everything, from film, television, novels, plays, advertisements, corporate “diversity” culture, academia, the news media and much of what it reports and thinks is newsworthy; the legal world, and an ever-increasing number of communities of faith, both Christian and Jewish, have been colonized and intellectually, psychologically, and politically waterlogged by homomania.

Few nooks, crannies, or cubby holes of the culture appear any longer immune from or, in many cases, resistant to, the schizophrenic call of moral relatavism/absolutism in which all morality, values, and value judgments are relative, but some values and value judgments are less relative than others. All leftist morality is unilateral; it flows in only one direction and without reciprocity.

Only Christians, Orthodox Jews, and other people of similar metaphysical ethical views are subject to legal, political, and democratic mob persecution.  Secular or religious homosexuals themselves hold the moral, legal, and democratic high ground, enforced and legitimized by the police power of the state.  Oppression flows always downhill, in one direction, toward the oppressed, and it is always a specific, singled out, legally defined and ideologically set apart “protected class” or identity group that holds – irrespective of actual behavior or the unalienable rights of the constitution that were designed to protect and guarantee the rights of individuals, not collectives, from democratic or state tyranny – the moral and legal high ground. Nothing one actually does, in a socialistic, feudal social order in which it is the group, class, or clan one belongs to that determines one’s social, legal, and civil stats, is meaningful any longer when conflicts arise between the individual and the privileged status group.

It is now who one is, as a representative of a disapproved class, that really matters, not what one is; a human being and citizen bearing unalienable, inviolable individual rights that preexist and transcend the state and the passions of the demos. The relentless, daily, incessent drumbeat of support for homosexuality qua homosexuality, and for the complete redefinition and reconceptualization of marriage, family, and gender, is singular but also fully in harmony with powerful social and intellectual trends that, since their original upsurge in the late sixties, have come to dominate the major institutions of Western society and achieved an almost complete hegemony in the popular culture.

Our cultural homomania has also opened, and is continuing to open, a further Pandora’s box of clamor and potential social activism in the name of first tolerance, then acceptance, and then the inevitable “celebration” of further sexual philias, predilections, and fixations, including but not limited to transsexualism (transgenderism), bisexuality, attraction to young and very young people, and “queer” sexuality, which encompasses homosexuality but ranges far and wide along a spectrum of known or potentially conceivable “sexualities” (anything not “straight,” i.e., heterosexual, monogamous, pre-marital celebate, generally Judeo-Christian). Further, all sexual philias or forms of deviant sexual behavior now become sexual “orientations,” and get to indulge themselves in the biological essentialist “born that way” argument in which nature and nurture part ways for ideological ends.  It will come in increments and in fits and starts, but once homosexual marriage is fully normative and the pop media,entertainment world, and political culture continue to expose new generations (including the very young) to “queer” culture, practices, and the moral absolutes of moral relativism, it will come perhaps far sooner and with a greater vengence than we might anticipate.

If we are prepared, however, the Lord has told us, we ‘shall not fear.” No easy feat, however, in these fascinating last days.


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