Posted by: Loran Blood | August 1, 2015

The Law of Chastity and the New Barbarism

Although having political ramifications, this discussion is not intended as a politically-oriented one.  Its purpose is a sober, rigorous, and reflective theological and philosophical exploration of the nature, meaning, and purpose of human sexuality within the context of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Political and social implications, with consequences for current events of critical import, will be obvious, but it is not the intent of this discussion to engage those directly.  To move to that point, we must first pass through the refining fires of first principles, from which all other principles governing our understanding of this aspect of human relations must be derived and within which they must be embedded.

Underlying reality

1.  As in the heavens above, so in the earth beneath.  Certain fundamental features, ontological and structural, of what it means to be that which we are (i.e., human, in mortal, earthly terms, but in other words to be of the species representing and encompassing that which we are in all our and that species’ varied possibilities, potentials, and phases of development (from preexistent spirit individual to fully redeemed and exalted god)) are common to both earth-life and existence in the celestial worlds.

For our purposes here, this means that the fusion/complimentary unity of male/female, man/woman, yin/yang is necessary for the universe to exist at all, because the universe could not exist without the application of knowledge by intelligence to the infinite, eternal, primordial fundamental elements and materials of which the organized universe is constituted, and out of which higher order complexity can emerge as a manifestation of divine creative activity.

Without intelligence acting upon the underlying, elemental forms of that from which all forms of matter, energy, and spirit emerge, there can be no coherent, meaningful phenomena (no creation and no created, intelligible cosmos containing the kinds of environments, experiences, phenomena, and comparisons/contrasts necessary to the eternal progression of the individual spirit).  Since the creative/generative fusion and unity of man and woman in an exalted eternal marital relationship is required, not only for the creation of a universe in which eternal progression can take place, but for the generation of the spirit individuals who’s “home” is this very universe, it follows necessarily from this that, as Elder David A. Bednar et al have explained, gender is an eternal characteristic of the spirit child of our Heavenly Parents.

2.  As the entire purpose of earth-life is to return to the presense of our Father in Heaven and to become like him (the fully mature form of our species), the eternal elements of the male/female relationship and their primary objectives/purpose are recreated on earth during the mortal probationary state, in imperfect form and under a variety of conditions, to further the goals and purpose of the plan of salvation: to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

Human sexuality has two fundamental purposes, to bring preexistent spirits into mortality for their probationary experience, and as a emotional/psychological/spiritual bond between husband and wife in that endeavor, under optimal conditions if possible.  It is, then, both a means and the glue or bonding agent that makes family formation, child rearing, and, from this, civilization and civil society possible.

Sex, in other words, far from what most percieve it to be in our modern world, makes family both possible and viable as a form of human social organization.  It attempts the optimization of what otherwise be almost impossible – the taming/civilizing of the male psych and the controlling of female fertility to civilized, positive ends.  One of its major functions or effects today – to undo both marriage and the traditional natural family – is the result of concerted and conscious attempts to invert these features of human sexuality and turn them against the very civilzational forms they make possible.

3.  Sexual morality is nothing more or less that the integrity and ethical basis of human sexual relations.  The Law of Chastity prescribes normative boundaries, thresholds, and parameters within which sexual expression is morally (i.e., conducive to the spiritual growth, expansion, and progression of each individual and to the cultural viability of the society in which he or she lives) justified.

It protects, when followed, both the individual, any children born from such sexual activity, and the broader society from individual and culture-wide social pathology.  From a gospel perspective, however, the view is much deeper and panoramic in nature.  Bringing spirit sons and daughters into mortality under as optimum conditions as possible makes us, not only co-creators with God, but, as Paul stated, “heirs, and joint-heirs with Christ” in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, and the purpose in his creation, “that he might have joy.”

I make a series of fundamental and absolute assumptions/extrapolations from core church teachings in adducing this argument, based upon the consistent teachings of the Lord’s modern servants:

a.  There is no confusion/distortion of sexual desire/gender roles in either the preexistence or the post-mortal sphere, at least as to the final assignment to the relative kingdom of glory in the resurrection.

b.  There is no such confusion/distortion whatsoever in the celestial kingdom.

c.  Any such confusion/distortion would render the entire meaning and purpose of the concept of exaltation (not just individual godhood, but the “continuation of the lives” or “of the seeds”) essentially moot, and plunge the very idea of exaltation into existential self-contradiction.

d.  All such confusions, distortions, and deviations from normative sexual identity and ideation are purely a function of the contact of the spirit, through the mortal body, with the telestial or fallen earth and the earthly environment in its probationary phase.  They are accretions of mortality, not innate aspects of the eternal spirit person.

Homosexuality and other sexual philias/foci:

Homosexuality (we will use it as our base here because it, among all the various sexual philias and sexual proclivities known to humankind, developed a powerful and influential political and social voice during the last third of the 20th century) is only one of a plethora of ways through which the plan of salvation is thwarted and human sexuality itself reduced to a mere cast shadow of its full import and meaning (about only “who I love”).

This shadow is cast by both the heterosexual world as well as “gay” culture, but homosexuality, beyond being a misuse and corruption of the powers of creation, renders the very concept of creation, and of, in its gospel sense, co-creation with God, irrelevant.

This is not to say that all homosexual sex is purely recreational (though a vast proportion of it, and the gay culture constructed around it, is).  It is to say, however, that homosexual sex is, at its fundamental, elemental core, futile.

It expresses, but does not and cannot create.  Its very form is static, inert, Sisyphean, and barren.  Life, posterity, eternal progression and increase are not even latent within homosexual relations.   Yin and Yin and Yang and Yang are not creative.  It is the entering into, relationship with, and dynamic interplay of the complimentary opposites that produces new phenomena, new life, and new potentialities.

Homosexuality is not a sexual orientation; it is a sexual perversion in every sense of that term, but this need not be spewed like venom at any individual homosexual.  To pervert is to corrupt, alter, and distort, but heterosexuals in vast number, during the last third of the 20th century and on into the present, have done this as well.  Premarital sex, adultery, cohabitation, the bearing of children out of wedlock, and the very concept of promiscuous sex as a form of “recreation” are all, from a gospel sense, perversions of the proper meaning and purpose of human sexuality.  The fact that the particular perversion inherent in homosexuality/bisexuality/transsexualism is more overtly and decisively inimical to the creational aspect of such relations does  not make these others any less perversions – distortions and twistings of human sexuality – but it does make them uniquely distant and alien to the implications and even symbolism inherent in other forms of heterosexual transgression of the Law of Chastity.

To be continued.


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