Posted by: Loran Blood | October 13, 2015

A Nation of Crash Test Dummies (and some of them are called “Mormons”)…/God-loves-every-single-person-…

Could someone answer this question for me? Consider it a kind of mother of all CFRs. When, where, and who, in LDS apologetics, among the Brethren, or in any church teachings whatever and wherever, has it ever been taught, insinuated, or implied that God does not love homosexuals? Has anyone in the church claimed that God is a respecter of persons in any ultimate ontological way?

Terryl and Fiona are surely not talking to me, who’s own son came out as gay to my wife and I in 1997 (and then, a few years later, abruptly repudiated the entire orientation). Is this a profound new insight, that God loves all his children no matter what they do and how they live?

Steve and Barb Young were in attendance, who famously (or infamously, depending upon your perspective), asserted in an Affirmation conference a few years ago that the church needed to “evolve” respecting questions of human sexuality and sexual orientation.

The real question is, as always, not “does God love homosexuals?” Of course He does. The question that must be asked is, as it has always been, “What are the conditions and requirements of salvation?”

Brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen: I am not a Big Blue Meanie. I am not a bigot. I do not “hate” homosexuals. I am not a witchfinder General. However, as an LDS apologist and a faithful member who has struggled his entire life with certain weaknesses and disabling perceptions, and who has clung to his testimony like a gecko to a brick wall and to the church as the place where the principles, authority, and ordinances of exaltation are to be found and grasped, the present concern with homosexuality and “LGBTQ” orientations and claims to acceptance and integration into the core institutions of civilization, have long ago gone well beyond proper, healthy, and balanced interest in gospel compassion and understanding, and have created a churning whirlpool into which is being drawn vast quantities of psychological, intellectual, emotional, and cultural resources in an attempt, even by many now in the Church, to domesticate a body of behaviors, cultures, and ways of life that are in every conceivable respect in utter and irreconcilable conflict with the restored gospel and with the foundational requirements of a peaceful, ordered, free, and ethically viable civil society.

This is why, with no desire to be provocative for its own sake, I have termed the present infatuation with all things “queer” homomania. It is, indeed, a mania; almost a pan-societal mass hysteria in which sexual perversions of all varieties, beginning with homosexuality as the “trial balloon” or test case, and the people given to them, immersed in them, and desirous of their complete cultural acceptance and celebration, have become literally a sexual brahmin class who’s every word, every desire, every cry of politically correct anguish, and every whim of political and cultural want is treated as if coming from a set apart sexual aristocracy who by some nameless anointing of supreme authority have the right to dissolve, reconstitute and remake the culture in their own image and crush all dissent or resistance with merciless legal, political, and psychological abandon.

The sheer number of people, including some within the church, who’s knees, spines, and bowls have lost their integrity and come undone at the mere mention of “gay” in the same sentence as “rights” is well beyond astounding to me. The relative ease with which sexual perversion and even unalloyed psychological disorder (such as gender dysphoria and the rising mainstream infatuation with the fetishes – one of the next waves of our culture’s future) has overwhelmed popular disapproval and strangled effective social and political resistance in is crib, is all but beyond comprehension.

Its a good thing all of this uncompromising moral and intellectual cowardice is grounded in compassion, love, understanding, tolerance, and existential sentimental niceness. I’d hate to think the unraveling of civilization and its careening descent into frothing barbarism had been the result of standing unflinching upon principle and holding fast to eternal verities in defense of truth.

Perish the thought.



  1. This is going to be used to ram all sorts of forced views upon the religious. It will also justify the slaughter of them.

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