Posted by: Loran Blood | December 9, 2015

For by Social Engineering ye are Saved Through Government; and That, not of Yourselves: it is the Gift of the State (and of “the Intellectuals”)

Not of individual effort, talent, or hard work, lest any Beta, Gamma, or Delta should boast.

And how to teach and promote this kind of philosophy in the church with a straight face and a clear conscience?  Well, we wrap secular ideological concepts in the robes of divine sanction.  But first, we must come to see ourselves in a certain way.  What one must fundamentally do, first achieving in one’s one mind, and secondly, in the minds of others, is create a palpable sense that one is both intellectually enlightened and sophisticated in a unique and unquestioned way, and that from this lofty perch of intellectual superiority one has cultivated within oneself an equally lofty and all-embracing moral superiority to the common masses who, absorbed in the equally common, day to day processes of living and trapped in a torpid, myopic bubble of capitalist greed and petty individual avarice; love of one’s immediate family and friends over the nameless wretched of the earth; patriotism, individualism, the nuclear and extended natural family; outdated moral and ethical norms lingering from the dark, primitive human past, and clinging to equally benighted, divisive, and inequality-generating concepts such as religion, limited government, private property rights, and free speech, and without an advanced education at a name public or private college or university, are incapable of much good save in a Hobbsean world in which each dog eats the other and the world races to the bottom.

Enter the Anointed.

In the world of the Anointed, there is a pie.  Vast and deep, to be sure, but static and fixed.  Approximately 1% of America’s and the west’s population somehow got to that vast mountain of stuff before the other 99% and stuffed their pockets and knapsacks with more than their share of the fixed mountain of stuff (both money and “wealth,” i.e., “stuff” as I use the term here).

Over time, “the rich” take ever more of the stuff that lies, like fallen leaves on an Autumn forest floor, among the human family, driving the rest of the human family deeper and deeper into economic want and scarcity, while “the rich” confiscate more and more of the pie.

As the pie dwindles, the 99% must do something to preserve some semblance of a decent manner of temporal life.  The answer here is, of course, given the core premises, not hard work, preparation, sacrifice, personal discipline, and the cultivation of manners, attributes, and personality characteristics that tend to success and prosperity, but political activism.  Politics displaces work, and its fruits.

It is not actually getting a job and entering the world of work and capital acquisition, but community organizing, marching and waving signs and political rallies, breaking windows, torching cars, screaming at police (the enforcers of the ruling capitalist class and the Koch Brothers) and, at the last, voting for politicians who assert that there is such a thing as “free” x, and that this x will be dispensed equally to everyone upon request, once the politician(s) in question are in power as an act of the existential righting of economic, moral, and social wrongs.

The list is long, as the needs and vicissitudes of the human condition are long.  Indeed, as basic economics tells us, human wants are unlimited, while resources, at any given time, are scares (and without this insight, thee would be no study of economics at all).
Enter the socialist, “communitarian,” or “progressive” politician.  In the leftist or progressive mind, and in leftist economic theory spanning many generations, wealth is not really “created” as much as essentially stolen (“distributed” by those who in some way control it to themselves (the “fat cats” who somehow got that way by confiscating, (and if the rich confiscated, and did not earn, their wealth, what then is wrong with the state confiscating it back?) not creating, their wealth and financial assets).  Wealth creation is a chimera because the guy on the Monopoly money and his friends (which form a distinct capitalist “class” having virtually identical interests, ideology, and motives) have rigged “the system” in their favor.  This “system” is a monolithic whole of some kind that can actually be controlled, channeled, and mediated such that only a few pennies of every dollar reach the poor or the middle classes, while the man on the Monopoly money rakes in “obscene” profits, not by creating and trading things/services that people want to buy with a portion of their own property (money), but through the manipulation of “the system” to their advantage such that a “fair share” of this world’s goods is lost to those who morally deserve them (the entire population, in essence, who have a right to such goods regardless and independent of any productive economic activity of their own or participation in the productive processes of society (this is not and does not have the slightest relevance to the concept of Christian charity, which remains as it has always been).

Weath is not created or earned; it exists, and some small percentage of the human family controls, unjustly (property, property rights, and the concept of ownership is not grounded in the value others place upon one’s work, one’s labor, one’s talents, or one’s knowledge, but upon a theory of “just” shares of a zero-sum world in which a small number of greedy hands have diverted vast quantities to it to themselves, as it were, in wheelbarrows that made it to the money pile before the rest of toiling humanity) the overwhelming portion of it.

This money is not, for the most part, invested in entrepreneurial activities, further wealth creation, job  creation, and opportunity creation, but is hoarded by the man on the Monopoly money in some great subterranean mattress (banks and other similar institutions, of course, and on Wall Street, where it disappears into the maws of other members of the rich while the middle class and the poor are left groveling for a few scraps from the capitalist’s table).

“The rich” sit around lounging at the country club, wear dark suits and top hats, drink martinis and play croquette, and essentially do nothing productive with their wealth (like Ted Kennedy etc.); they are all the “idle rich” who stole what they have from those to whom it was owed by the very fact of their existence and from whom vast sums of that wealth must now be “redistributed.”

Remember that to the Left wealth is not created, generated, or brought forth through productive economic activity but distributed by a class of master controllers of the economy in quantities and forms of their choosing.  It follows from this, of course, that wealth must be, as an act of moral settling of accounts or “economic justice” be redistributed to those who have been deprived of their rightful share by those holding the levers of power in a structurally unjust and inequitable social and economic order.

The links – both economic and moral – between work and reward, effort and effect, and between property as a outcome of labor and talent applied to the economic realm and property as a preemptive claim or moral indemnification upon and with respect to the earned property of others, is broken.

The seventh and tenth commandments evaporate.  The rule of law – the constitutional principle standing between the people and the state and constraining the state from its nature inclination to creep towards authoritarian and finally totalitarian control of human life – deteriorates and is eventually forgotten (or called into question as a “Eurocentric” and “capitalist” mechanism of oppression and social control grounded in “white privilege” and “systemic inequality.”

And government becomes, as Bastiat so presciently stated “the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.

This fundamental truth, once lost, creates, ultimately, a society of economic and morally illiterate citizens riddled with a grasping and even violent avarice and envy – supposedly among the primary ills of the human condition socialist theory and policies were created to cure.

The distinction between the state and society is lost, “society” is personified, and the mediating institutions standing between the state (and politics) and the individual are destroyed.

In the restored gospel, there is an answer to all of this, an answer that is both “capitalist” (talents are cultivated, invested, and expanded and wealth created and amassed) and Christian in the full sense (excess wealth beyond the needs and wants of individuals or individual families are freely given to the Bishop’s storehouse for the poor and needy).

The United Order is not collectivist, but based on individual stewardships and responsibility for them.  It is “capitalist,” but mediated by a different conceptualization of property and its meaning and purpose.  The basis of the United Order is not envy and class vengeance, as in the secular World and its body of counterfeits of the United Order, but love.  Its purpose is not the creation of a general utopia through political or economic means, but preparation for the second coming of the Savior (and is hence, as President Benson so long ago stated, not an economic or social experiment but a celestial law that covers all aspects of the human experience).

It is not for the World and the world’s people as a whole (who must be left, unfortunately, to the ministrations of Marx and his many 20th century disciples and other similar theorists), but for the saints and any who will prepare, or are prepared, to meet the Savior at his coming, to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Equality in Zion is not that of temporal uniformity or quantity of wealth held, but of equal claims upon the temporal blessings of Zion when need arises.  There is no “redistribution of wealth” in a Zion community because wealth in a Zion community will be created essentially the same way it is created now: individual and cooperative economic activity (i.e., personal talent usage (i.e., a landscaper, bricklayer, carpenter, graphic artist, IT specialist etc.) in which competitive free markets (i.e., the citizens of the community) will determine relative levels/degrees of wealth and whether a waitress should be paid as  much as a brain surgeon.

There are other voices, of course, and some of them are among the saints.  Let us “go on to perfection,” in spite of earth and hell.

How then to do all of this with a clear conscience?   Do just what the song said to do:

“Do it in the name of heaven
You can justify it in the end.”


















  1. Wow, this article is nice, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds
    of things, thus I am going to let know her.

    • Thanks, Kiersten. I don’t get many comments on this blog, which explains my belated response, but I hope you and whomever else reads it receives some benefit therefrom.

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