Posted by: Loran Blood | January 31, 2016

Further Dispatches From the Accelerating Sexual Revolution

I originally coined the term “homomania” (or, at least, I think I may have coined it) not just as a polemical broadside, but as connoting what appears to me to be an almost unfathomable fascination and fixation, bubbling to the surface only since approximately the mid-ninties, with the social, cultural, and moral domestication and ushering into the mainstream of society of homosexuality, bisexuality, and alternate forms of gender dysphoria/distortion that in saner eras would have been regarded both as forms or manifestations of psychopathology and as, in their behavioral and cultural impacts, deeply disturbing and destructive, both to the individual and to the broader civilizational milieu in which the individual is embedded if and when such behavior became both more widely practiced and, at the same time, much more widely accepted even by those who had no tendency or desire relative to those practices.

The sexual revolution was never about “rights” or “equality” or even about “liberation,” as few such movements self-labeled using these terms ever were, but about, well, revolution; about the utter and decisive expunging from the culture of all traditional Judeo-Christian norms, mores, customs, and boundaries surrounding, conditioning, and mediating human sexual relations. Ultimately, it was, from its very inception, a total and merciless cultural war against the family, attacking the family on the following fronts:

1. The delegitimation of marriage, first as necessary in justifying/validating sexual relations, and then portraying it as a negative, destructive, restrictive net of chains upon the life options, fulfillment, and potential of the individual, and particularly of the individual woman.

2. The delegitimation of the child; the child is a burden, a domestic slave collar (as is marriage) and a distraction from the truly important, self-actualizing tasks and processes of life.

3. Impugning of the nuclear family as a crucible of oppression, neurosis, exploitation, and abuse.

4. The separation of men from women in any traditional domestic sense involving lifelong sexual, emotional, psychological commitments that would interfere with career ambitions, limit life options, personal, economic, and sexual, and constrain human sexual expression (No fault divorce, unlimited abortion on demand, the movement of millions of women away from domestic concerns (as well as men, by definition, something often overlooked) and into the workforce, and the rise and maturing of pornography, have all been critical to this process).

Homosexuality – the inability to form sexual/romantic bonds with women or men at all by members of the opposite sex, is, in some sense, the ultimate triumph of the sexual revolution as, even though only a tiny segment of the overall population, homosexuality carries with it implications for heterosexual behavior that could never be fully realized by even the most radically promiscuous heterosexuals without the artificial intrusion of the birth control pill and unlimited convenience abortion.

Male homosexuality and lesbianism is the ultimate “safe sex” as it leaves no evidence of its passing in a biological or genetic sense (venereal disease aside, for the moment), nor need any “strings” be attached where there is no natural possibility of attaching them. The fleeting and numerous one night stands of traditional gay culture were already the Elysian dream of the heterosexual revolution of the sixties and seventies long before the gay liberation movement gained momentum and became a “rights” movement seeking, not just tolerance, but acceptance and then enforced complicity.


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