Its the Gender, Stupid

The present gender wars – which are a part of the culture wars, which are a part of the sex wars, which are at the core of the sexual revolution, which is at the bottom of the overriding need to destroy the family, leaving the state as the sole or primary caregiver, provider, and parental guardian of its cooing dependents – have moved, since the SCOTUS decision on homosexual marriage, into an unprecedented phase of cultural aggression and confidence, seamlessly transitioning into a generalized “sexual rights”movement potentially encompassing virtually all forms and manifestations of human sexual predilection and preference.

Transgenderism (once called transsexualism but which is now termed “intersex”) is the new sexual vogue and the new “rights” movement of the politically correct moment seeking redress of self-authentic grievance against the forces of bigotry, ignorance and hate (yes, its just the same old script applied to a new sexual identity group).  Lurking in the shadows – all fifty shades of shadow – are the other sexual philias and fixations referenced by that ever-lengthening acronym “LGBTQ etc., etc.,” already beginning to spread their wings, stake their political, legal, and cultural claims, and enter the arena of protected class privilege and mandated acceptance and celebration.  Once we begin “queering” pretty much anything, you see, its difficult to know when to stop.

Bisexuality is a future frontier, as is “kink” sexuality (already in its academic formative stages as a body of “orientations” in need of societal approval and acceptance) and polyamory.  Other human sexual wanderings, such as genderqueerness and pansexuality (as with transgenderism) are not so much orientations as mental disorders seeking admittance to the expanding right-hand side of the acronym that they may be part of the sexual revolution and the “queering” of society and all its supporting tissues and ligaments, relieving such people of the stigma of mental illness (and hence, the need for healing and psychological reorganization) and wrapping them in the holy robes of “tolerance.”

Part of the Left’s infatuation with sexual perversion, deviance, and experimentation is psychological and ideological, driven by the relentless moral, value, and cultural relativism underlying the philosophical core of progressive philosophy, and part is political in that the primary barriers and sites of resistance to the creation of the total welfare state are those mediating institutions of civil society: private philanthropic/fraternal groups, think tanks, private charities, religion, and finally and most critically, the family, that must be subverted, uprooted and destroyed (either by the actual eradication of these institutions from human life or the assimilation of them into the organic state) if the state and its “experts” are to fully dominate human life and determine its limits, meaning, and expectations.  At the core of the natural family is marriage, and at the core of marriage and family are children, child-bearing and child rearing.

Central to all of this is the idea of romantic love between one man and one woman, and the ideal of a life-long (in the gospel eternal) commitment and relationship that transcends and supersedes all other relationships, the very foundations of civilization itself – if civilization is to be civil at all – predicated upon the successful and healthy forging of these relationships in mortality and across mortal generations.  The sexual revolution generally, and second wave feminism in particular, drove a dagger into the heart of romantic love and long-term commitment beginning in the late sixties, and the later phases of the sexual revolution, the gender and sexual identity kulturkampf through which we are now passing, have taken the torch passed to them and gone on to the obvious next phase: the obliteration of all normative concepts relating to family, marriage, and gender such that these concepts disappear entirely and are replaced by a tossed salad of indiscriminate sexual experimentalism in which even settled concepts such as “gay” are not enough to satisfy the gods of queerness, who demand sacrifices in abundance.

I’ve termed all of this a “mania” (as in “homomania”) because that’s what it appears to be: a cultural, legal, and political mass herd stampede towards the total deracination of the underlying foundations of civil society and the critical demarcation line and walled fortress against the always present threat of barbarism – always only a generation or two away – the natural family, that the prophets have warned since the beginning are what awaits us in the yawning abyss of the throwing of sexual pearls before our tolerant, compassionate swine.  The Book of Mormon speaks time and again of the “speedy” and “utter” destruction awaiting a society that plunges headlong into the mockery and trivilaization of the most sacred aspects of our relations with each other, relations with eternal consequences and effects.

Let us heed the witness and the warning.